An ABBA Story

All begins in the year 74 with „Waterloo“: “The winner takes it all”! But “Do you know the name of the game”? “Money, money, money” perhaps? “I have a dream” for a “Happy new year”, so please, “Chiquitita”, “Lay all your love on me” like “The way old friends do”!
I remember your “Angeleyes” in the “Summer night city”, “I do I do I do”! It was “Our last summer”, “Honey Honey” and I wished it would go “On an on and on”, my sweet “Dancing Queen”!

But “Knowing me, knowing you” we better said “So long”.

So “One of us” ran “Head over heels” as fast as an “Eagle” in the lights of the “Super Trouper”. There I “Put on my white sombrero” because I was “The Piper” “When I kissed the teacher”… His name was “Fernando”: “Mamma Mia”!!!

Only left to say:

“Thank you for the music”!


ABBA-things I own…

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